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We empower patients to communicate their satisfaction with medical care to the health plan.


Our real-time reporting dashboard is at the TPA and employer levels.

  • Get the pulse of your employees' satisfaction by doctor, hospital, facility, medical procedure, and insurance plan
  • Identify high performing providers
  • Inefficiencies between providers and insurance programs

Our ratings are HIPAA compliant, anonymous, and aggregated to help patients, employers and third party administrators identify high performing healthcare providers.

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Our NewHealth quality score provides a weighted score specific to quality of care.


Frequently Asked Questions
Does NewHealth share my personal data?

NewHealth does NOT store or share personal identifying information except for your phone number and email which are only used to contact you.

What does NewHealth do with my data?

NewHealth aggregates survey results to provide statistics on doctors and hospitals. Our mission at NewHealth is to help patients identify the best provider for their needs.

Can I change my survey answers?

Yes. All surevys have an expiration date. You can change your answer up to the expiration date.

Can I opt out of NewHealth services?

Yes. An opt-out option will be communicated via email or text each time you receive a survey.

Can a doctor or hospital see my answers?

No. Doctors and hospitals will only see aggregate scores. We implement measure to ensure that no specific survey results can be identifiable.